Signs You Have an Ankle Sprain

By Dr. Akhtar
September 5, 2018

Ankle sprains can range from mild to severe depending on the force applied when you twist your ankle and whether there are any resulting tears to any of the bands of tissue that stabilize and attach to the ankle.

The most common signs and symptoms of an ankle sprain include:

  • Pain and tenderness when you touch or apply pressure to the injured ankle
  • A popping or cracking sound at the time of the injury
  • Ankle instability
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Limited range of motion/difficulty rotating the ankle

There are a few risk factors that can increase your risk of spraining your ankle during exercise or physical activity:

  • Playing sports that involve jumping, running and stopping or changing direction frequently, or playing on an uneven surface. Ankle sprains are most common in tennis, basketball, baseball, football, and soccer.
  • Weak ankles or previous ankle injuries.
  • Wearing shoes with insufficient support to the feet and ankles or don't fit (speak to your podiatrist about orthotics if you have flat feet or low arches).
  • Excessive weight or lack of strength training and toning.

In most cases, mild to moderate ankle sprains can be treated conservatively with a combination of rest, ice, physical therapy, medication and compression depending on the severity and symptoms. If an ankle sprain is severe and results in torn tissue or bone fracture, surgery may be an option to stabilize the ankle and ensure that it heals properly.

The best treatment, however, is prevention.

How to Prevent Ankle Sprains:

  • Stretch before an after you excercise.
  • Do special excercises that strengthen the muscle around your ankle.
  • Do special excercises to improve your balance and stability.

Stretch and strengthen your ankles to prevent injury. Doing so might seem like small insignificant steps before going through any physical activity but it will make a big impact on the overall health and longevity of your ankles. If you feel you are suffering from an ankle injury make sure you are taking care of the injury early on – especially if you plan to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

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